POC Advance Tissue

NGS-based product of conception karyotyping

POCADAVANCE TISSUE is an advanced molecular test that, using the latest generation of fully automated sequencing technologies (Next Generation Sequencing - NGS), determines the fetal karyotype from a product of conception (POC) tissue sample. It screens for genome-wide fetal numerical and structural chromosomal abnormalities, providing unparalleled accuracy and detection compared to traditional karyotyping.

POCADAVANCE TISSUE Test is able to provide information on the possible genetic causes of a spontaneous miscarriage, with the aim of helping the couple in family planning with specific reproductive genetic counseling.



Cell culture is not required

  • Exclusion of the risk of achieving no results due to lack of cell growth;
  • Significant reduction in turnaround time (5-7 days), instead of the 15-20 days required with “classical” cytogenetic techniques;
  • Exclusion of the risk deriving from the growth in culture of maternal cells instead of fetal ones.

High reliability of results

  • Assessment of fetal origin: Determination of the DNA profile of the sample extracted from the abortive tissue and subsequent comparison with the maternal one to verify the fetal origin of the DNA undergoing to molecular karyotype analysis.

Greater resolution and accuracy compared to traditional karyotyping.

  • Much higher resolution: 6 Mb instead of 10-15 Mb for the traditional karyotyping.